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  • Kumano Kodo: A pilgrimage through time

    On Thursday, January 24, the photographic exhibition KUMADO KODO: A PILGRIMAGE THROUGH TIME was premiered at the Museum of Pilgrimages in the presence of its creators, Luis Gago (A Coruña) and Aoife Ni Dhubhda (Galway, Ireland).

  • 17/12/2018

    Christmas has arrived in the blink of an eye as every year, so if you are one of those who delays decisions until the end, it is time to start preparations and decide how celebrate these special dates.

    When we talk about Christmas, we inevitably come to mind: family reunions or with friends, dinners and meals. However, there are times when we find ourselves with the inconvenience that our houses are not spacious enough to house all our guests, that we spend more time cleaning everything than enjoying ourselves, or we are simply tired of the same Christmas. time and we want to break with the routine.

    To all these problems, from Como en Casa we want to solve it. Why not break the Christmas routine by changing the scenery? If a few days ago we talked to you about spending Christmas in one of our tourist apartments, today we come to tell you about the excellent rural houses that we manage.

  • Enjoy the charms of the Christmas Compostela in our apartments

    [Santiago] [] [] [] [] [Picone]

    What does Christmas sound like? We do not mean Christmas carols. Maybe the calm of nature or the noise of the city ... How is your perfect Christmas? In Como en casa we have the best options for you to be the person you are. The truth is that there are many ways to enjoy Compostela.

  • 28/11/2018

    In Como en Casa, ¡we don't stop! As we have already told you, Santago de Compostela is one of the most green cities of Galcia. This is the reason why today, we are glad to introduce you some different tourist accommodation, far away from the noise of the galician capital: Compostela Rural.

  • Thousands of awards are waiting for you and we make you get closer to them!


    Imagine coming on vacation and being honored for it. It isn't any joke, now it's possible! The most famous street in Santiago de Compostela, El Franco, launches a new initiative with what it will be possible to win from a Go Pro, to a trip to Cape Verde. From Como en Casa we invite you to not miss this opportunity and to go all out.

  • 5 reasons to stay in a tourist apartment


    From Como en Casa we are convinced that to choose a tourist apartment when it comes to organizing your vacation is full of benefits, regardless of who you travel with. We could give you hundreds of reasons to do it, although we prefer to select only the best five and the rest, discover them for yourself! You sign up?


  • Introducing our apartments: Picone

    The Como en Casa family, does not stop growing, although as you know, anyone can not enter it. Today we welcome you to a new tourist apartment with a very unique name: Picone.

  • How to travel to Santiago de Compostela with children and babies and not die trying


    Does it make you a world to think about moving with all your troop of trip to Galicia? Do you want to spend a few days in Santiago de Compostela and do not want to come with 1000 and one things? We have thought of you and your family. Many of our apartments have everything you need to make the "vacation mission" easy and painless.

  • Green areas and playgrounds: the best family routes from our apartments


    Santiago de Compostela is the city of Galicia with the largest green area per inhabitant and has more than sixty playgrounds. If we add a varied museum offer and a complete leisure agenda with shows and cultural activities aimed at all audiences, we can say without fear of being wrong that it is ideal for a getaway or family stay. It should also be borne in mind that the average size of Santiago makes it a city that can be easily covered on foot. Do you dare to take the familiar routes we have prepared taking advantage of the fantastic location of our apartments?

  • We are already Superhost on Airbnb!


    In Como en Casa we are celebrating! And this month Airbnb has granted us the category of Superhost, reserved for those hosts that offer high standards of quality to their guests and that according to the own booking website, "serve as an example and inspiration to the rest". So we can not be more proud of meeting the requirements and being able to become a Superhost. Do you want to know how we got it?

  • Why is a safe and reliable rental important?


    The news about fraud in illegal tourist rentals are the order of the day, and sadly, they are becoming more alarming. However, despite the seriousness of the problem, there are still a number of companies that are doing things well, following the regulations, to be able to offer the most important thing: peacetransparency and comfort for our guests. And, the advantages of booking a tourist apartment with all the papers in the rules are many.


  • The summer celebrations are waiting for you in Santiago with Como en Casa

    Summer is long days and eternal nights. And in summer, Santiago has some of the most important festivals and events in Galicia to enjoy before and after the sun goes down. Enjoy the festivals of Compostela is an unforgettable experience, that you can discover this summer with Como en Casa.

  • Introducing our apartments: El Faro de Pepa

    [Santiago] [Apartamento] [] [] [] [] []

    We know that Santiago de Compostela is a city that perfectly combines many of the aspects that define Galicia, but if there is something lacking, it is the magnificent and diverse coastline that it has. Therefore, with this new project, from Como en Casa we want to bring the sea closer to the capital. Ready to swim to Pepa´s Lighthouse?

  • Breakfast Como en Casa


    Did you just arrive at your tourist apartment in Santiago de Compostela and don't have anything for your next day breakfast? Don't worry, at Como en Casa we think of you! Today, we introduce our new offer "Breakfast Como en Casa". Did the bug already stick? Keep reading! 

  • Introducing our touristic apartments: the Gourmet Corner.

    Introducing our touristic apartments: the Gourmet Corner.

    Today we bring you some fresh news! We would like to introduce a little big project we are building at Como en Casa. Many of you may have seen it already in the apartments in Santo Antonio and Plaza de Abastos but you will find it in each tourist apartment very soon... We are talking about the Rincón Gourmet (Gourmet Corner)!. Do you know what is it? Keep reading to learn more!



  • Live your best Easter Holidays with Como en Casa

    The Easter holidays are ideal dates to plan a trip to Santiago de Compostela. Whether you come alone, with your partner or as a family, in the Galician capital you will always find some plan for you. And in the same way, in Como en Casa we put at your disposal the best tourist apartments so you can choose the one that best suits you. Keep reading and discover why Santiago is your ideal destination this Easter!

  • We introduce you to our Blanco Amor Apartment

    Today at Como en Casa we are very happy to present you one of our most familiar touristic apartments: the Blanco Amor Apartment. Located in a strategic area of ​​the city of Santiago, this accommodation for four people offers very good connection both by road and easy access on foot to the Historic District of the city. But there are many more features that we love about this touristic accommodation and we're sure you too, keep on reading!

  • Introducing our apartments: Abastos SCQ


    If you are looking for a cozy tourist apartment in which to stay in the vibrant Historic District of Santiago and you have landed here, welcome! We are Como en Casa and this is how we want you to feel during your stay in the city. Therefore, we propose one of our fabulous apartments next to the emblematic Praza de Abastos, which will surely surprise you.

  • Offer romanticism in st. Valentine's Day with Como en Casa

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    February the 14th is a well-marked date in the calendars of those who share their days with their special one. And since we know you're looking forward to make that beloved person enjoy his/her best st. Valentines Day, at Como en Casa we thought of all the details so that you breathe love every second of that day. From where to stay, to what to dine to what to offer, everything counts and nothing is too much when you are in love!

  • This Carnival Feel Like Home in Santiago


    The carnival is just around the corner and in Santiago you can already breathe the excitement of the arrival of these colorful dates. In Como en Casa we love to enjoy the great party that is formed in the streets of our city, and that is why we want to invite you to experience it first-hand. Are you still unconvinced? Well, read on and discover everything that the Galician "entroido" has saved for you.