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Kumano Kodo: A pilgrimage through time

On Thursday, January 24, the photographic exhibition KUMADO KODO: A PILGRIMAGE THROUGH TIME was premiered at the Museum of Pilgrimages in the presence of its creators, Luis Gago (A Coruña) and Aoife Ni Dhubhda (Galway, Ireland).

This married couple dedicated to travel photography made 2 visits to Wakayama (Japan), in autumn 2017 and spring of 2018, to visit the road net Kumado Kodo

The exhibition is composed of 37 photographs that reflect the current situation of a road south of Kyoto that has been traveled for more than a millennium by emperors, courtiers, samurai, ascetics and lately pilgrims from all over the world.

In 1998 Galicia and Wakayama, which share the honor of having the oldest pilgrimage routes in the world declared World Heritage by UNESCO, established a twinning agreement that was reinforced 20 years later with the presence of the Governor of the Prefecture. Wakayama, Yoshinobu Nisaka, who is in Galicia to renew the exchange commitment between Galicia and Wakayama for the coming years.

The photographic exhibition brings the beauty of the lands of Kumano Kodo to the one that visits the Museum of Pilgrimages, helping to better understand a distant culture, but very similar to the Camino de Santiago in terms of defending its traditions and future challenges.

From Como en Casa we are grateful not only for the interest in approaching similar cultures to which we have difficult access, but also for the artistic way of doing it, and we hope that both Luis and Aoife will have a future full of trips that will allow the visitor to show their way of life of places of great interest that probably some we never get to visit.

Thank you and good luck