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5 reasons to stay in a tourist apartment


From Como en Casa we are convinced that to choose a tourist apartment when it comes to organizing your vacation is full of benefits, regardless of who you travel with. We could give you hundreds of reasons to do it, although we prefer to select only the best five and the rest, discover them for yourself! You sign up?

  1. Organize yourself as you want, without schedules: In a tourist apartment you will never have to worry about any type of schedule that governs most tourist accommodations. In fact, here the schedules you put!   

  2. Eat when, as and what you want: Another great advantage of living your vacation in a tourist apartment is to eat when, as and what you want, since you can do it yourself or even ask for it. What do you want to eat in pajamas a totally vegan dish? With our apartments by Como in Casa it is possible!   

  3. Do not worry about the walls of paper: In some hotels, hostels or campings, you have to deal with the noises of the rooms next to yours, which can disturb your sleep or your moments of relaxation. But just like you can hear them, they can also hear you. Forget these worries and enjoy your freedom in a tourist apartment!   

  4. The more the better!: On many occasions, there is nothing better than a group trip to enjoy free time with your family. When we talk about a trip like this, the fact of hiring several rooms for everyone can not only leave for an eye of the face, but also breaks many moments that you could share together. Forget the hangouts in the hall or the insistent calls on the doors if someone falls asleep and change them for moments of laughter in the room until the morning!   

  5. Feel at Home: If the 4 previous reasons still have not convinced you at all, we propose the last and most important. If you travel Como en Casa, you will find the apartment that suits you and your needs, without having to feel borrowed where you sleep.

Do you still need more reasons to choose us? Check our website or call us without obligation, you will not regret to choose us!