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Introducing our touristic apartments: the Gourmet Corner.

Today we bring you some fresh news! We would like to introduce a little big project we are building at Como en Casa. Many of you may have seen it already in the apartments in Santo Antonio and Plaza de Abastos but you will find it in each tourist apartment very soon... We are talking about the Rincón Gourmet (Gourmet Corner)!. Do you know what is it? Keep reading to learn more!

Galician quality.

You probably guessed in which direction we are setting course… Exactly, gastronomy! Gastronomy is one of the most illustrative elements of Galician culture and of Galicia itself. For this reason, whatever the reason for your visit to our land, you must leave a gap of your time to taste it, it is almost mandatory. Therefore, the idea of the small Gourmet Corner of the tourist apartments is based on showing you our most typical products not only from Santiago de Compostela but from all over Galicia. Its excellent quality and the same level of recognition take us from a magnificent albariño wine elaborated at the Martín Códaxwineries or the traditional liquors of Pazo de Coruxo to delight yourselves with north’s best oil, the Abril.

Literally, Como en Casa (as at home)

The best part? You can start enjoying them the first step you give in the tourist apartment and also once you leave, which means you can take home whichever you like or even all of them! It is your own Gourmet Corner.

In the fridge of the apartment, you will find the Martín Códax (white wine), some types of soft drinks, mineral water and milk. We give an example to illustrate: you arrive in Santiago de Compostela at dawn or late at night and the only thing you can do is get settled in the tourist apartment of Como en Casa you chose. Well, with our gourmet proposal, you will have dinner ready to take or a small breakfast perfect to stop yourself getting hungry!

For here or to go?

And we can keep adding advantages to our touristic apartments. As we said before, the Gourmet Corner has Pazo de Coruxo Liquors (herbs, coffee and cream) and they come in a 100ml bottle which can be kept in your carry-on luggage in case you travel by plane. Also for the wine bottles, we will provide some cases to keep them safe and sound during the journey back home. In other words, you are going to have some extra time to spend enjoying the city and not buying souvenirs, because you have the perfect gastronomic gift at the tourist apartment.

Come and discover it!

Are you still thinking about it? We are mouth-watering just imagining it! We will not reveal many more details about what you are going to find, we want you to discover each product (and each tourist apartment) for yourself and with your own eyes.

And you? What would you like to find in our Rincón Gourmet? Talk to us and confirm your reservation now with Como en Casa! The Gourmet Corner is awaiting!