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We are already Superhost on Airbnb!


We are already Superhost on Airbnb!

In Como en Casa we are celebrating! And this month Airbnb has granted us the category of Superhost, reserved for those hosts that offer high standards of quality to their guests and that according to the own booking website, "serve as an example and inspiration to the rest". So we can not be more proud of meeting the requirements and being able to become a Superhost. Do you want to know how we got it?

For Airbnb to grant you its highest category, it is necessary first of all have a good volume of reservations and also, that the accommodation has not canceled any of the reservations received (except for reasons of force majeure).

In addition, Airbnb demands more than 80% of customer ratings above 4.8 stars, and we cannot be more proud of having succeeded! Our average score on the page is 4.9 stars over 5, which means our customers love our apartments and appreciate our work. We couldn't have a greater reward for our work.

It is also very important to respond to more than 90% of the issues that customers have in a short time. To become Superhost we have a 95% response in less than 24 hours. Thus, we have managed to make our clients feel safe and comfortable with us, responding to their doubts and managing their requests agilely. We consider customer service an absolute priority and it is a pleasure to be rewarded for it!

Also, to manage to be Superhost it is necessary that more than half of our clients have decided to evaluate us on the website of Airbnb. So we want to give special thanks to all those who have spent a few minutes to give us their views and advice, which for us are very important because they help us to improve and adapt our services to the needs of the customers.

Thus, becoming Superhost of Airbnb is an honor that we have achieved thanks to our customers and we hope to keep in the future, because that will mean that our guests can not be more satisfied with our work. That's for us the real prize.

If you are looking for quality accommodation, comfortable and charming in Santiago do not think more and discover our wide offer to enjoy and feel Como en Casa. We will wait for you!