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  • Introducing our apartments: Picone

    The Como en Casa family, does not stop growing, although as you know, anyone can not enter it. Today we welcome you to a new tourist apartment with a very unique name: Picone.

  • How to travel to Santiago de Compostela with children and babies and not die trying


    Does it make you a world to think about moving with all your troop of trip to Galicia? Do you want to spend a few days in Santiago de Compostela and do not want to come with 1000 and one things? We have thought of you and your family. Many of our apartments have everything you need to make the "vacation mission" easy and painless.

  • We are already Superhost on Airbnb!


    In Como en Casa we are celebrating! And this month Airbnb has granted us the category of Superhost, reserved for those hosts that offer high standards of quality to their guests and that according to the own booking website, "serve as an example and inspiration to the rest". So we can not be more proud of meeting the requirements and being able to become a Superhost. Do you want to know how we got it?

  • Why is a safe and reliable rental important?


    The news about fraud in illegal tourist rentals are the order of the day, and sadly, they are becoming more alarming. However, despite the seriousness of the problem, there are still a number of companies that are doing things well, following the regulations, to be able to offer the most important thing: peacetransparency and comfort for our guests. And, the advantages of booking a tourist apartment with all the papers in the rules are many.


  • Introducing our apartments: El Faro de Pepa

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    We know that Santiago de Compostela is a city that perfectly combines many of the aspects that define Galicia, but if there is something lacking, it is the magnificent and diverse coastline that it has. Therefore, with this new project, from Como en Casa we want to bring the sea closer to the capital. Ready to swim to Pepa´s Lighthouse?

  • Breakfast Como en Casa


    Did you just arrive at your tourist apartment in Santiago de Compostela and don't have anything for your next day breakfast? Don't worry, at Como en Casa we think of you! Today, we introduce our new offer "Breakfast Como en Casa". Did the bug already stick? Keep reading! 

  • Introducing our touristic apartments: the Gourmet Corner.

    Introducing our touristic apartments: the Gourmet Corner.

    Today we bring you some fresh news! We would like to introduce a little big project we are building at Como en Casa. Many of you may have seen it already in the apartments in Santo Antonio and Plaza de Abastos but you will find it in each tourist apartment very soon... We are talking about the Rincón Gourmet (Gourmet Corner)!. Do you know what is it? Keep reading to learn more!



  • Introducing our apartments: Abastos SCQ


    If you are looking for a cozy tourist apartment in which to stay in the vibrant Historic District of Santiago and you have landed here, welcome! We are Como en Casa and this is how we want you to feel during your stay in the city. Therefore, we propose one of our fabulous apartments next to the emblematic Praza de Abastos, which will surely surprise you.

  • Offer romanticism in st. Valentine's Day with Como en Casa

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    February the 14th is a well-marked date in the calendars of those who share their days with their special one. And since we know you're looking forward to make that beloved person enjoy his/her best st. Valentines Day, at Como en Casa we thought of all the details so that you breathe love every second of that day. From where to stay, to what to dine to what to offer, everything counts and nothing is too much when you are in love!

  • Introducing our apartments: Fonte de Santo Antonio

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    In this blog, we will not only propose the best plans to enjoy the city of Santiago de Compostela, but we also want to bring you the letter of presentation of each of our tourist apartments, we begin!

    Today we begin the presentations with this impressive tourist accommodation that will not let you miss your home for a single second: Fonte de Santo Antonio.