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A Coruña-Artabro Gulf

A Coruña-Pazo de Mariñán-Puentedeume-Monastery of Caaveiro-Fragas del Eume

A Coruña
A Coruña

Not to be missed

A Coruña

Follow the coastline along its impressive promenade as far as Hercules Tower, a Roman lighthouse that was declared a World Heritage Site in 2009. The Plaza de María Pita, the glazed balconies of the Marina, the aquarium and science museums are other important tourist attractions.


Pazo de Mariñán
Pazo de Mariñán


Pazo de Mariñán

A beautiful “Pazo” (Galician country house) located on the banks of the River Mandeo in the municipality of Bergondo, featuring a striking French-style garden with fountains and exotic species. 





A beautiful fishing town on the banks of the River Eume, founded by Alfonso X the Wise in the 13th century. Fiefdom of the historical Andrade family, who belonging to the Galician nobility and left behind a castle and beautiful tower. 


Monastery of Caaveiro, Fragas del Eume
Monastery of Caaveiro, Fragas del Eume


Monastery of Caaveiro, Fragas del Eume

An old monastery located in one of Galicia’s most outstanding nature reserves: the Fragas do Eume, a leafy native forest that dates back to before the year 936, when the monastery was founded.



Restaurante La Penela (A Coruña)

Located right in the Plaza del María Pita, it is one of the city’s time-honoured restaurants. Delicious Spanish omelette and great roast meat. 


telephone: 0034 981 209200

O Remo

Formerly a sailors’ bar, it’s a small place where you can enjoy good food at a good price without too many formalities. We recommend its Spanish omelette, rabbit stew and free-range chicken. Due to limited space, it’s best to book in advance. 


telephone: 0034 981 205067

A Pulpeira de Melide

A family-owned octopus restaurant that has reinvented itself to offer a new concept. In addition to octopus, it prepares original dishes that’ll surprise you. 


telephone: 981 152 197

Domus Casa Pardo

A time-honoured restaurant featuring A Coruña’s traditional cuisine in a new location. Its Galician dishes are based on seasonal produce.


Árbore da Veira

A Michelin 1-star restaurant that is a must in Coruña. Avant-garde, auteur cuisine that is designed to make cooking a visual experience. 

telephone: 00 34 981078 914

Restaurante Alborada

A modern restaurant that offers top-level auteur cuisine based on Galician gastronomy. A fine wine list and atmosphere.  


Culuca Cocina-Bar

An entertaining establishment, ideal for trying some innovative snacks accompanied by fine cocktails.


telephone: 0034 981 97889